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Sort playlist tracks by folder name, then by filename

M Akmal

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No. I'm not talking about folder view category. what I mean is Additional sort options for tracks in the playlist.

Let me clarify a little. I have a folder that contains so many songs, some of which have been separated into subfolders with its album name, some others don't. the song is also given a track numbers at the beginning of its name. I want to make a playlist of all songs from that folder, so i can shuffle it, from where i want to start. instead of sorting it by filename only, I want to sort it by folder (or album) first then by the filename (or track number), so all songs will look sequentially well.

The track order will look like this:

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Album 1/Track 1

Album 1/Track 2

Album 1/Track 3

Album 2/Disc 1/Track 1

Album 2/Disc 1/Track 2

Album 2/Disc 2/Track 1

Album 2/Disc 2/Track 2



I know I can shuffle that songs in folder hierarchy, but I feel uncomfortable with it, and i can't choose one song inside its subfolder (if you choose a track inside its subfolder, Poweramp shuffles only for this folder now and not its parent)


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