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v2.0.10 build 588 doesn't load the art cover

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I have car headunit with Android v4.4.4. The headunit does't support the android upgrade.  

I use the last version Poweramp v2.0.10 build 588 app. Now the app doesn't find art cover. What is the problem? Until the beginning of this year the feature worked well.

I know that the support of the v2.0 is stopped.


Best regards


from Hungary 


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I have no idea, nothing has changed in  that version of PA for years, nor in your headunit I suspect. When you say "the app doesn't find art cover" do you mean it does not download artwork for new tracks from the internet, or it does not display embedded artwork from within music files. Both can be optionally disabled in PA's Settings Album Art section, so it might be worth checking there.


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The slower mobile connection isn't problem, because, I tried the Poweramp v2 another old mobile (Android 4.4, 4.1) via wifi. The results are that the app doesn't load the cover art. 

On the android 7.0 the loading the cover art of the Poweramp v3 works perfectly.

Any idea?



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I just loaded up my ancient Galaxy S3 which still has PA v2 installed on it, and album art download doesn't seem to work via wifi on that either (it used to). All I can guess is that whatever API was being used to scan for images 4+ years ago is no longer available, and while @maxmp has updated all the code in v3 in the meantime to keep it compatible, v2 will no longer be able to access cover art via downloading (other than embedded artwork or images from your own gallery).

If anyone else is still using v2 and artwork downloads are still working for you, could you post here? 


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