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  1. Can you develope that, I can do the folder back and next jump, than in Album Art area swiping my finger up /down, like in Poweramp V2?
  2. The slower mobile connection isn't problem, because, I tried the Poweramp v2 another old mobile (Android 4.4, 4.1) via wifi. The results are that the app doesn't load the cover art. On the android 7.0 the loading the cover art of the Poweramp v3 works perfectly. Any idea?
  3. "The app doesn't find art cover" mean it does not download artwork for new tracks from the internet, no result is 0 the searching in automatic mode and manual mode.
  4. Hi! I have car headunit with Android v4.4.4. The headunit does't support the android upgrade. I use the last version Poweramp v2.0.10 build 588 app. Now the app doesn't find art cover. What is the problem? Until the beginning of this year the feature worked well. I know that the support of the v2.0 is stopped. Best regards Tibor from Hungary
  5. The play resume works well after turned off after full startup. It's OK. But after Android standby mode the play resume doesn' work. I see only the app in pause mode. I want to push the play button.
  6. I have Android Car Head unit. I'm using Poweramp app for playing music. After the standby mode the Poweramp app resumes, but it's in pause mode. Can you make an option in your app, that the Poweramp can switch to play mode (not pause) after standby mode? Best regards Tibor
  7. Question to the developers of the Poweramp: When will be supporting the Poweramp the real-time moving floating lyrics with musixmatch lyrics player plug-in or another apps?
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