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Control Poweramp by voice in Android 7?


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Is there a method to use Android 7 voice commands to cause Poweramp to cue a list of songs I give it by voice? This would be instead of pulling up the list of songs, long press and hitting cue.
Then, once the songs have been cued, to play that cue using voice commands?

I am not using Android Auto - just have the headphones (without controls).

I am able to get Poweramp to play a single song, or a random song by a specific artist using Google voice commands, but it does not appear that I can do more than that.
BTW, I notice that after I command Google to play a song in Poweramp, Poweramp has turned off shuffle.

Thanks for your help


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Perhaps Google (or Apple) will support something like this, but I'm certain it will work only with their branded player.

I suppose that if Poweramp had macros, one might be able to start a macro by voice.

In any case, it's still a timesaver to be able to tell my phone to play a specific song, or a song by an artist using voice commands. Only thing there, is that, despite not having any default music player (I am unable to set Poweramp as default for some reason), I need to tell Google that I want to play the song in Poweramp.
I did attempt to set up PA as default, but, in Android 7 I cannot seem to accomplish this. Maybe I'm missing something.

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