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Poweramp for Asus Zenfone 2 (x86 Device)

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Hey @maxmp,

I had reviewed Poweramp on the Playstore, that it does not work on my device.

You replied (in screenshot). Later to my edit you asked me to install it from the website.


My question is whether you can please update in your Play Store listing for x86 devices too? It still shows version 2.0 as latest(Screenshot)

If i install from here, how will i get updates? Will i have to come here often to fetch updates?

Please do something on the play store level to make it possible for me to update easily.


I've been a Paid customer since a long long time and have gotten all my family members on your app.

Please do something.



Thanks for Building Poweramp.



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I've had this problem since v3 came out.

Just install and update with apks from this forum. They don't come out too often anyway. That's the best way, unless we make Max fix Google play for us. 

For me, the worst thing is Google play offering me "update" to latest v2, which is annoying.

Btw, I hope your ZenFone is doing well. I have already had to change a lot of parts on mine. But it's worth it imo, I think this phone has potential to last a couple more years. 

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