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Found 4 results

  1. Hey @maxmp, I had reviewed Poweramp on the Playstore, that it does not work on my device. You replied (in screenshot). Later to my edit you asked me to install it from the website. My question is whether you can please update in your Play Store listing for x86 devices too? It still shows version 2.0 as latest(Screenshot) If i install from here, how will i get updates? Will i have to come here often to fetch updates? Please do something on the play store level to make it possible for me to update easily. I've been a Paid customer since a long long time and have gotten all my family members on your app. Please do something. And, Thanks for Building Poweramp.
  2. Hello, when to expect v3 beta build for x86 processors?
  3. Hi! I'm new to here, and it's my first post. I've been using the current latest ARM version ( Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk ) for a long time now, and I'm loving the quality of it. Rich punchy bass and great overall quality of it. Today I just wanted to test the INTEL version (the tab has an INTEL chip set). So I uninstalled the ARM version and installed the INTEL version (Poweramp-2.0.10-build-860589-x86-uni.apk INTEL Build 589). I also did the purchase verification. When I start listening to music I immediately felt the quality loss. The bass was not that rich and punchy and the overall quality was not there compared to the ARM version. I also notice that with the ARM version there is quite a large power consumption vs the low power consumption in the INTEL version. Could you please let me know the reasons for this, has the power saving compromised the quality in the INTEL version? Please let me know whatever the log files you need and how to get them. I'll post them. Thanks and Regards.
  4. Today I installed Poweramp version 3 build 703 on a Vivo Xshot X710L. It is running on a Android 4.4.2. With stock vivo ROM Funtouch OS_2.0 version PD1302_A_6.16.8. Poweramp worked when I installed it. It recognized my purchase. In the evening when I tried to use Poweramp again, it refused to load, giving me the error: Failed to load Poweramp. You're using Poweramp Intel edition on non-Intel (x86) device. This can cause crashes due to the native libraries mismatch. Please install Poweramp ARM Edition (builds without 860 prefix). I'd also run into these problems if I installed it again using a normal release.
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