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  1. And it's better to have sort by date option in the list
  2. Recently added playlist should be based on time period (defined in playlist options, week, month, 3 months for example) instead of track quantity.
  3. It works right until it stops working permanently. Poweramp and Simple Last FM Scrobbling added to system and Samsung force sleep exceptions. To reanimate the scrobbling you have to force close Poweramp. @maxmp, could you please find some time to look into the issue?
  4. Oh really? What about HAXM and virtual devices?
  5. Hello, when to expect v3 beta build for x86 processors?
  6. Just found out the same happens with wired headset buttons, so I need to reapply Respond to buttons option to make it work for some time
  7. Hi everyone, I have an issue with Bluetooth controls (play pause skip), it works for some time, then looks like it dies (no reaction) and I have to re-enable (switch off then on) 'listen to headset buttons' option, which helps, again not for long. Other related settings on board : Bluetooth headset added to trusted smart lock devices. Poweramp is in exception list in Optimisation settings (this is Samsung's Doze implementation, right?) Tried to set priority for Poweramp's headset control but that also doesn't help much. I guess there's something specific to S
  8. Well, it's now possible, check my small app here in a few hours - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.desperex.mc App description from Google Play: This small app has 2 purposes: 1) Keep your Poweramp ratings synched with Last.fm (you need a Last.fm account for that) in 2 ways: - Manual. Used mostly for first time sync - Real-time. The rating is sent to Last.fm as you rate your tracks in Poweramp, no special actions required (submittion is done right after switching to next track). In case you don't have internet connection, everything is put in local cache and submitted later.
  9. I decided to write a small app for that (and not just that) purpose, check it out in a few hours as it's just published - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.desperex.mc Playlist functionality - Generate playlists based upon your ratings. Right now it is fixed to: - 5 stars playlist - 4-5 stars playlist - 3-5 stars playlist - 3 stars playlist - 2 stars playlist - 1 stars playlist This list can be changed\expanded upon request.
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