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x86 version have many problems

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2.0.9 x86 version, get rondomly stop responding message. eg, choose play list, stop responding, choose eq, choose tone, get stop responding. Every restarts get thank you for update message. i use zenfone 5.

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Hi, luv the app. Very polshed.

I'm also getting this same pop-up/close Poweramp message problem every time i try to back out to the playlist/player from the EQ or the tone screens.

This is happening on my new 2nd gen Asus Memo Pad 7 (ME176CX) Model.

This tab sports the Atom bay trail x86 chip if this helps in any way, to help stamp out this bug.

Quite annoying to say the least.

Please fix ASAP.

Thanks gentleman.

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First, I love the app! Great job.

On my Dell Venue 8, since last update I get an unusual sound when switching from tone/eq to anything else.

Ever since I've had this tablet and installed Poweramp, it has had that same unusual sound when coming out of screen sleep. I have tried all possible screen lock/no lock/wake lock ect. And it changes nothing.

My os is 4.4.2, I have done a clean reinstall as well. Build 563 for x86

Also, since last update, I get the change log message every time I start Poweramp.


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