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Ok I got this problem and not sure how to fix not even sure if its a but. All my songs have Artist and song genre and what not. I use MP3Tag to do this. However when I load up my music folder in to my droid and then pull up Poweramp it will show a fews songs as Unknown Artist. However when I play the song it shows the album cover and artist.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Throughout an mp3s life people tend to use different apps, rewrite tags, or perform batch tag operations on their collection. This leaves behind multiple tag versions and sometimes conflicting data or junk data which can mess up a reader that is not programmed to deal with the conflicts. Sometimes the only fix is to blow away all of the tag data and start clean.

The mp3s you are having a problem with likely have malformed, corrupted tags or tags that are hard for the tag reader in power amp to read. This often results in readers not being able to read the album, artist or genre tags, and even strange things occur like your songs being put into genres you don't even have.

I spent a good 5 hours yesterday tracking down and fixing issues like this in my library.

Apps like iTunes have very forgiving tag readers and will read just about any junk you throw at them. Unfortunately they do not clean up malformed tags or old tags left in the header and footer of the files. iTunes does also not clean up after itself when it re-writes new tags (if you use it to do this). It will leave remnants behind and can end up making a mess of things for other players.

Depending on the app reading the tags you will get different results.

Try completely removing all tags (both v1 and v2 tags) from a problem track using MP3tag and then write in your own new ID3 v2.3 tag.

After you reload the mp3 in power amp go into the power amp advanced folder settings and tell the scanner to "erase and rescan." Your songs should now display properly.

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