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  1. Count me in. I'd LOVE to be able to stream to Chromecast from Poweramp.
  2. Guess it depends on what the sound difference is. Without knowing or hearing a difference, it's impossible to say.
  3. That's a really cool idea. Would love it if it was a configurable slider. Play songs with star ratings more often: Off.....3.5x more...... 10x more |----------|----------------|
  4. Currently the EQ allows for both positive and negative adjustment of levels. I'd love to have an Audiophile / Non-Distortion mode for the EQ that starts with all of the sliders at ZERO across the top of the screen and only allows for negative adjustments. Increasing levels on an EQ causes distortion in any bands that are pushed above the flat range. It is preferable, and instantly renders better sound quality, to only lower bands that you do not want to hear as much of. By using this mode of the EQ you would also allow users to make more finite adjustments to the sliders as their full sliding
  5. Update on the phone reboots while listening to music on the Galaxy Nexus. I found this thread on the Google Issues Board. http://code.google.c...detail?id=22669 It seems that there may be a global software problem that is effecting all music apps and causing random reboots.
  6. I'm using "2.0.4-build-467 Full Version" on a Galaxy Nexus unrooted stock. After about 4 hours of use I have had 3 total spontaneous phone reboots only while playing music with Poweramp. I'm using a large library of about 3400 songs (not sure if that makes a difference). Is there any way I can help to debug these crash/reboots?
  7. Thanks Haddy. I'm a UI designer which includes doing a lot of information architecture and wireframe layout work. I also do iconography on occasion.
  8. Nice. This will be a great addition. Until it is ready in PowerMP you can get this functionality by using the app called Wigetsoid to place a play and pause control in your notification area all the time.
  9. You should be able to re-download it from the google market as long as you are logged in with your same google account. That's what I did when I purchased a new phone.
  10. Thought I'd share this quick icon to match the style of the clock icon from ICS. You can set it using the "Desktop VisualizeR" app. This is the large icon size for use with HD screens.
  11. Thanks for the GNex fix. Just dropped in to see if there was one, you saved the day!
  12. Poweramp has no equal in the Android Market. Hands down the only real choice for a music player. Loving the updates and constant improvements.
  13. Just a short bit of feedback on the form search. For some reason the search forces you to use words that are longer than 3 characters. Not only in the initial query but anywhere in your query. This is really a bad practice. I can't search for: "ICS" -or- "Ice cream sandwich" (because the word ice is less than four characters in length.) -or- Android 4.0 (because 4.0 has less than four characters). These types of forum search limitations only encourage people to post the same questions again as they can't find the questions that have already been asked due to the search tool not allowing them
  14. ICS is due to be out in the wild in about 3 weeks. I was curious if the 2.0+ version of Poweramp is compatible with it? I'll be getting a Galaxy Nexus but can't live without Poweramp!
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