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  1. If you want to do it automatically give Picard a try: https://picard.musicbrainz.org/ Try first with a single album as showed here: https://picard.musicbrainz.org/quick-start/
  2. I'm a Picard user too (and the idea for my topic came from that) and as far I can tell Picard operates with TYER, TDAT, TORY e TDOR. Even though the date field is displayed as a single field in the UI, when a date in the form of YYYY-MM-DD is inserted then the TYER and TDAT tag are set accordingly (instead of saving the full date in TYER). My suggestion for the implementation in Poweramp is to let the user choose which field to use (with some sort of fallback to TYER when the selected tag is not available) with a specific setting entry (leaving the current behavior as the default one) or to le
  3. Seemingly so simple? Several edge cases have been listed above, I don't see this feature as simple from an implementation point of view as a lot of users defined it to be honest.
  4. Hi there, I'm here to ask to support full date in sorting and grouping. If you have a tons of album from the same year it can be problematic to sort or group albums by year (plus this can be useful in the album view for artists with significant output in a single year, cfr. this). This can be implemented using the id3v2.3 tag TDAT or the id3v2.4 tag TDRC. A short summary (from id3 specification): TDAT:The 'Date' frame is a numeric string in the DDMM format containing the date for the recording. This field is always four characters long. TDRC: The 'Recording time' f
  5. I basically agree on everything you said, on the bullet separator too, so thank you for your contribution Andre
  6. So how can this be implemented effectively? Should we use a semicolon-separated list in the Artist tag and a general representive label in the Album Artist one? Let's take the 1977 album Cluster & Eno, composed by the homonimous musicians. Basically everywhere (RYM / Discogs / MusicBrainz) it is credited as it's titled (Cluster & Eno by Cluster & Eno), of course this isn't ideal, but what's the best solution to handle this case scenario? To just take the content of a single tag and split on ampersands is obviously a bad idea, since a lot of bands use them in their name (alrea
  7. I've read and partecipated in some Multi-arists related threads, but I don't see a general consensus on how it should be implemented, that's why I say that some community-dev interactions are needed.
  8. Just remember that when you're buying a product you're buying the product as it is (especially if it is a one-time payment), the fact that Max tries to satisfy PA community requests is just a bonus. Seconding on the multiple artists tho, right now it's the feature that I'm missing the most, and I think that in order to reach a good implementation of it some community-dev interactions about the topic are needed here on the forum.
  9. The volume knob bug seems to be solved in 890, thank you Max!
  10. After updating to 889 I'm experiencing some issues with the volume knob. When adjusting the volume, the black window that usually contains the knob appears without showing anything but a tiny version of the colorful contour that was recently added (and some times without that too). I'm using a Xiaomi Mi9T with Android 10.
  11. Because ID3 tags are a way to store all types of album related-data, not necessarily only the ones needed to have a good-looking library, and since for me what a music player should do is to create an abstraction layer from what humans perceive as important in their music library and what's contained in their files, I don't see this request as that unreasonable (if I just want a raw display of my ID3 tags I can use a File Manager, right?). Plus: this is how Picard and MusicBrainz in general works with classical recordings (the first artist in the list is the most relevant one), and in a w
  12. What about the idea to add the option to parse only the first artist in the list? I've seen this implemented in others players/scrobblers. This may seems unusual but if you listen to a lot of classical music you probably want a record to be under (e.g.) Ludwig von Beethoven , and not six duplicates of it under Margarete Bäumer, Heinz Sauerbaum, Manfred Hübner, Symphony Orchestra of the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk, Chorus of the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk, Gerhard Pflüger. This may be implemented on single album-level, but a general option in the settings would be appreciated too.
  13. I highly recommend MusicBrainz Picard , it basically automate all the tagging procedure + it will standardize your music naming using commonly-agreed conventions so you don't have to decide for yourself.
  14. Not here to self-promote my requests but we talked extensively about the implementation of something like that here (with a brief summary by Andre here), so if you're interested in it check it out
  15. How do you transpose this example to users that selected the Like/Unlike rating type? When an album has half or more liked tracks it will be flagged as liked?
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