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  1. Hi folks, I'm here to ask if it's possible to add an enhanced view for viewing cover arts, what I mean by that is a feature where by pressing on a cover art you get an imageview where the cover art can be zoomed and examined in greater detail, this can be of great use with modern high-res covert arts (and with old LP-like covers with liner notes on them). Thank you for your time!
  2. For anyone interested in this topic, since I'm used to this sort of last played albums navigation a lot I tried to obtain a similar solution with the current means. First of all you have to set the Recently Played view to Grid - extra small in order to maximize the density of tracks on screen, what you get is a view like this one: And after that it's just a matter of: : Selecting a track of the album that you're interested in Click on Info/Tags Click on the album field to get to the album view. It's by no mean as straightforward and clean as the one suggested in the request, but since it seems that it won't be implemented in the near future, this is the quickest way to get something close to it for anyone interested in this case scenario. And with less straightforward and clean I mean in comparison to something like this (what I was thinking while I was writing the request):
  3. +1, even though it can turn into a standardization nightmare pretty easily, maybe a well-established category system like the one available on RYM can be used.
  4. The possibility to use id3 wildcards for lists (or for filtering too) seems cool, +1
  5. +1, this has the possibility to be incredibly useful when Max will publish the streaming services feature that he talked about here:
  6. Well, isn't the problem here that there is no actual correspondence (in terms of format specifications) between Artist and Genre? You can infer that information from albums genres (that themselves are inferred from tracks genre, that can vary from track to track) by a single artist, but this introduction of another data inference layer won't result in even more cumbersomeness in case of compilation/album with multiple genres/artists who spanned through genres during their career?
  7. Yes, I saw that recently in build #874 the composer field editing has been added (and there is already a Library Category for Composers), since Composer is an Id3v2 frame too (TCOM) maybe some programming logic can be reused? Does a full libary rescan constitute a risk about something? Or is it just a matter of time?
  8. Hi folks, I'm here to ask if you can add a new Library Category for publisher/record label (represented by the TPUB frame in Id3v2 specification), it can be useful for any one that listen to music published by labels with a strong musical identity (DG, ECM, Warp, etc), plus the field is automatically filled by automatic taggers like Musicbrainz Picard (that I highly suggest) so it can be useful for users that use this type of software too. Thank you for your work!
  9. Can anyone point out a useful use case for the quick settings tile?
  10. It's a matter of adding a grouping method to that library option, we talked about something like that here, a quick solution right now is to sort the Albums library option by recently added.
  11. In the library view there is the top rated option (1), or you can sort the All songs view by rating (2) #1: Library -> 3-dot-menu -> List options -> Check Top rated #2: Library -> All Songs -> 3-dot-menu -> List options -> Select by rating in the sort section Edit: I've reread your request and what you need is more definitive, nonetheless those solutions are still valid for a non-destructive usage
  12. (I edited my previous post just right before you posted your one) Yes, but again, what's the difference? The last time an album has been played is the last time a track of that album has been played, it isn't about if you listened to the whole thing. You can evaluate the situation basing on an already implemented one: when a track is played it is automatically added to the recently played library option (therefore its LTP value has to be updated in some way, or something on that line), but its value is updated even if you listen to the track for half a second, so it's never a matter of completeness, to recreate that sort of behavior for album too isn't a logical consequence? Of course to implement when an album is completely listened needs extra logic and data gathering, but I'm not referring to that situation, if the LTP value for each track is already there isn't it a matter of create a sorting method for the albums list view by just using the newest LTP track value for each album? I don't want to get too technical (because by the way I don't know the specific implementation) but I think that @maxmp can understand on a practical point of view what I'm referring to
  13. I noticed that in the list options for any "songs" grouping (genre, artist, but most importantly albums) there is the "by time last played" option, so isn't the information about the last time played for each track already there? To add a little bit of background on this and why this can make sense to be implemented: most of the time I listen to four or five albums during a fixed amount of time (let's say two weeks), and then I swap them with five more new albums, and I listen to those for the next two weeks, and so on and so on, and if you have a huge library to find those albums might not be that easy. I think that this way of listening to albums isn't that rare, and to have a albums list sorting by last time played can come in handy
  14. I've never specified that the album has to be fully listened in order to be listed, that would surely need more logic to be implemented than the situation that I described above; I'm asking for it mainly because it's a feature that I've already seen in other players and it seems pretty feasible to be implemented
  15. Theoretically speaking I agree on your line of thought, but since I haven't checked the codebase available on Github I don't know how the library is practically handled. Since an album is a collection of songs, and each song has a last time played value, the last time played value of an album isn't just the last time played of its last played song? (Sorry for the word blob) As I said above, isn't it just a matter of grouping? In this case I was specifically talking about the case where the user select the "Artist" entry from the 3-dot menu in the player view, but I didn't realize that the Artist albums view is just one left-swipe away from the Full songs list one, completely my fault on that. (I'll strikethrough the related paragraph in OP)
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