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  1. chreddy

    Album List - Sort by Album Artist

    Bump! I'd love to have support for album artist tags as well.
  2. chreddy

    Poweramp Crowdin Translation Project

    While you're at it, can you add Danish to the list as well? Thanks
  3. chreddy

    Twitter Answers!

    It works for me, but that's because Cyanogenmod 9 allows me to do so. It's a setting in CM9's sound settings (probably in other roms as well). Just for those who doesn't know.
  4. Hi Just a small suggestion here: I think it would be nice to have widgets (4x1, 4x2 and 4x4) with no buttons. Just the artwork and title/artist/album. I'm not using the widget buttons myself, as I prefer skipping tracks etc. inside the player. But I still like that I can show what's being played with a widget. Is it something you can do? If so, it would be nice if the user can choose between showing the widgets with or without buttons. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I don't know exactly what happened, but Poweramp doesn't show album art for all folders with CUE files anymore. I've tried to reinstall Poweramp, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem. What could be wrong? Thanks in advance!
  6. chreddy

    Tags and WAV file woes

    This cannot be done, as WAV doesn't support tags (afaik). If you want to have lossless files with support for tags, you should try convert your files to eg. FLAC.
  7. chreddy

    PowerAMP v2.0 beta 2

    Oh okay, thanks for the quick reply . No need for me to install the Widget Pack then. At least not for now.
  8. chreddy

    PowerAMP v2.0 beta 2

    Nice! I've installed both beta 2 and the Widget Pack. What's the difference? When I'm choosing widgets I see both "Poweramp" and "Poweramp Widget Pack" (or something like that - not 100% sure about the name), but the widgets have the same sizes and looks just the same. Keep up the great work!
  9. chreddy

    ID3 Question

    I'm using Tag&Rename and I've never had any problems with any ID3 tags.
  10. chreddy

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    Seems like it happens only for cue files (both mp3+cue and m4a+cue)
  11. chreddy

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    I've been looking forward to this update, thanks for finally releasing it! However it seems beta1 doesn't show the artwork in the tags. However it does show up as "Embed album art", after I've hold my fingers on the artwork for a second or two. So for now I guess the only way to fix this (without having to manually set the artwork for 500+ tracks) is to put the artwork in the folder. That seems to work. Is it something you can fix, Max? Again, thanks for the best Android app existing!
  12. chreddy

    When will 2.0 be released??? - I want it now ;)

    I had the same problem on my Galaxy S II, but after I tried the app MediaFix and ran it, the problems doesn't occur anymore! Please note that you have to run it everytime you're copying new m4a files onto your sd card
  13. chreddy

    Correction on cue's

    Alright, over the last couple of days I've figured something out. There seems to be no problems for music bought on iTunes Store (m4a files), but when it comes to mp3 this problem occurs everytime. I've noticed on a couple of albums that the last included tracks are starting about 20-30 seconds after the cue file says it should. In other words, if it should start at 68:00:00, it's probably starting at about 68:25:00 instead. This was just an example to show what I mean. Since I opened this thread, I've rooted my phone and flashed Cyanogenmod 7, so it seems like it's not some problem with Samsung's standard ROMs (Just to exclude this possibility).
  14. chreddy

    Correction on cue's

    Hi Lately I've experienced that Poweramp is not reading the cue files correct. Or that's at least what I think. When I listen to an album and I then skip a track, the track starts a few seconds after it was supposed to be (I know exactly where they should start, since I also use cue files on my PC). Is this something ├Żou can take a look at? It has happened for both mp3 and m4a (bought on iTunes Store). I've got a Samsung Galaxy S II, running Gingerbread 2.3.3. Thanks!
  15. chreddy

    Support for Google Music

    Hi Is it possible to add support for Google Music, so I can stream all my uploaded music in Poweramp? I know Google Music is in it's beta state, so it would probably take some time before you can start thinking about this (unless you've got beta access).