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No HiRes output with Poweramp


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Poweramp seems to provide high resolution audio, but it doesn't. At least not for my Pioneer XDP-100R. When I reported this, in april 2016, I was asked to send a few technical files so that the HiRes output could be facilitated on my DAP. I did, hoping that that would solve the matter.

Never to hear from it again. Despite repeating the question several times over the years. The request is simply ignored.

Could you look into it again please? It really is so disappointing to see the message FAILED: Hi-Res OUTPUT. Every single time I start Poweramp. Especially since I know it is possible of course. Apart from Pioneer's own music app there is Neutron as well as USB Audio Player PRO that provide it as well. I switch to UAPP regularly because of the better sound quality, but they have other issues, so I stick to PA for now. You would do all users of this DAP a big favor I'm sure!

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Poweramp does it a bit differently. It tries to enable/show hi-res output as available only on devices/SOCs/firmwares where it was instrumentally tested to produce real hi-res output. (Hint: this is not the case for other players. The thing is human can’t hear difference).

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