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  1. I know you have so much on your plate but I really have to ask since Poweramp sounds awful on my new DAP: is HiRes for the Fiio M15 in the pipeline somewhere? Any idea when this might come about? Thanks.
  2. Fiio M15 with Android 7.0 DAC AK4499EQ x 2 XMOS 768kHz/32 bit High-Res output can be made active but the sound is distorted in the lows and especially with the letter S. No matter what settings/sample rates etc I choose. You made the previous Fiio M11 sound great. Hopefully you can do the same for the Fiio M15. Thanks. (Sorry I have no idea where/how to find the specific Android files you ask for.)
  3. Build 883 on Fiio M11 When exporting playlists to internal storage map Playlists I do see these lists from within the DAP. But not from the PC. Though when I tap -also export etc- these lists do show up as m3u8. Previoulsy there was no problem. Any ideas?
  4. Yes, disabling DVC has helped (playing music over spdif (coaxial) in HiRes). Though I still have to also launch the standard music app on the Fiio. But thanks for the suggestion. The other thing I mentioned before, would that be doable? The eq setting linked to the coaxial output? It is now stuck to the assignment "wired headset".
  5. Sorry, forgot to add that it is my Fiio M11 that has the spdif option. Also, when Poweramp is set to HiRes output it falls silent when I switch the DAP to spdif. Though sometimes it does work when I also launch the originial Fiio Music app. But strangely enough not always. When I switch Poweramp to one of the other outputs there is sound coming through. Can't Poweramp access the Android output so that it can play in HiRes over spdif?
  6. I would like the eq preset for when I use spdif to automatically switch to it. Now it stays on wired headset.
  7. This is a request for the Pioneer XDP-100R Android 5.1.1 stock rom Kernel version 3.4.0 This DAP must do HiRes since the standard Pioneer Music app as well as apps like Neutron and UAPP also provide it. Audio policy Pioneer.txt Build prop Pioneer.txt
  8. Maxim, what you say still leaves the question: Other apps give Hi Res output on the Pioneer XDP-100r, so it is possible, why not Poweramp? Could you make it work please?
  9. Poweramp seems to provide high resolution audio, but it doesn't. At least not for my Pioneer XDP-100R. When I reported this, in april 2016, I was asked to send a few technical files so that the HiRes output could be facilitated on my DAP. I did, hoping that that would solve the matter. Never to hear from it again. Despite repeating the question several times over the years. The request is simply ignored. Could you look into it again please? It really is so disappointing to see the message FAILED: Hi-Res OUTPUT. Every single time I start Poweramp. Especially since I know it is possible of course. Apart from Pioneer's own music app there is Neutron as well as USB Audio Player PRO that provide it as well. I switch to UAPP regularly because of the better sound quality, but they have other issues, so I stick to PA for now. You would do all users of this DAP a big favor I'm sure!
  10. Thanks for your reaction Andre. Using Build 826 now. In answer to that: I said I had put the playlists in the root of the internal storage. To be precise: all the individual playlists are on the same level as the folders ANDROID, DCIM and so forth. The path is /storage/emulated/0/Playlists. Maybe that is not the same as the root, I'm no expert. The reason I did that is because I could not put them in a folder, using File Explorer on a Win10 laptop. No idea why. I can copy an mp3 to it, but no m3u8. The fact that all playlists were floating around folderless is also the reason why I had to designate the entire Internal Storage as a music folder. Whatever I try, this problems persists. Maybe it is a Windows thing, or Android. Following your warning about file based playlists, I made new playlists from within PA, copying all entries from the file based ones. Exported them. So that will be new the method. I have done a full rescan. And only recently I reinstalled V3. Other than you expect perhaps, I do have 2 micro sd cards working in tandem, containing only music, and that works fine. Pioneer XDP-100R. Since I mention the brand of my DAP... Years ago (April 2016) I asked PA to facilitate HiRes output for this device and I sent the relevant files (audio-policy, build-prop). Never to hear from it again. Despite repeating the question. Could you look into it again please? It really is so disappointing to see the message FAILED: Hi-Res OUTPUT. Every single time I start Poweramp. Especially since I know it is possible of course. Neutron as well as USB Audio Player PRO provide it. I switch over to the latter regularly because of the better sound quality, but they have other issues, so I stick to PA for now. You would do all users of this DAP a big favor I'm sure! George
  11. Hi Andre, It has been a while since I wrote about my playlist problems, following your request to expand on them. Is a respons in the making? George
  12. Those songs are only missing from the playlists, they exist. Some of the remaining songs are from SD card 1 as well as 2. So it is not always just the songs from one card missing. Having just created a new playlist in PA I am beginning to doubt whether I have done that with the playlist called 'set' that has entries missing. I know I have made a number of playlists in JRiver and copied them to the DAP (after editing to create the right pointers). This was before I made my DAP my main music center. So I delete songs in PA and create/modify playlists in PA on the DAP. A few times a year I copy the whole lot to my laptop as a backup. The JRiver playlists worked for a long time without a problem. In the past months, probably after a PA update, I lost several lists enterely. Some came back after a full rescan. But I think I have had to restore several lists from my backup. I didn't keep track of what I did in order to make it work again, being happy the problem seemed solved. When I backed up the playlists from my DAP I did so my copying the lists in Windows Explorer. That seemed to be working. Songs added from within PA showed up in the playlists when I checked after copying/backing up. So restoring followed the same route. Copy paste. Not via import/export. Working on this issue, since you asked, I opened a playlist in Notepad. This list, as all others (except for the new 'test' list I just made) are sitting in the root of the internal storage. It shows about a 100 songs, but only 13 show up in PA. All the missing ones are on SD card 1. Though that is selected in music folders and I have done a full rescan. In the other case I mentioned it was less clear cut, because it still contained songs from SD card 1. In settings-music folders I first unchecked the internal storage where the playlists are located. The automatic scan followed, rendering all playlists absent (except the 'test' one I just created). And then I selected the internal storage again. After the ensuing scan it brought back the missing songs in the playlist mentioned above. But not the ones missing from 'set'. In this case are was also no difference between the list in Notepad and in PA. As music folders I have, as always, selected the entire internal storage, the entire SD card 1 and the entire SD card 2. One playlist shows yet another issue. Opening it in Notepad gives 19 songs. In PA however I count 23 songs! The difference are 4 songs at the bottom of the list in PA, all recent additions. But where are they stored? So there is a difference between what was imported/copied and what was added from within PA? But why do the recently added songs show up in one list and not in another ? Yet another playlist shows the following: I recently added 14 songs to it, from within PA. I see them on my DAP screen. When I look at the playlist in Notepad however I see only 2 recently added songs. After that there is a partial reference only: /storage/sdcard1/Hanne Hukkelberg/Rykestrasse 68/07 Break my Body.mp3 /storage/sdcard1/Hanne Hukkelberg/Rykestrasse 68/09 Pynt.mp3 /storage/sdcard2/Lonely-Drifter-Karen/Grass-Is-Singing/1_9_Lonely-Drifter-Karen_Carousel-Horses_6.flac /storage/sdcard2/Lonely-Drifter-Karen/Grass-Is-Singing/1_6_Lonely-Drifter-Karen_Casablanca_6.flac /storage The only irregular symbols in the playlists are underscores in stead of a space. In the internal storage I also have folders from Neutron and from UAPP. Could they interfere? Only 5 gb used of the 25 available on the internal storage, so that can't be it. The playlists I have are a mix of .M3U and .M3U8. Though the content seems the same to me. Could the fact that I have 2 SD cards of 400 gb play a role? Hopefully this brings you a bit further. George
  13. Indeed it has happened before after an update. Some playlists gone entirely, others wiped (almost) clean. This time no lists have gone but a series of entries in at least one particular list have. This is definitely recent since I often play from this list. I created the list within PA and added to it from within PA. All my lists are .M3U. In the course of the existence of this list I have copied it back and forth to my laptop. Either to make a backup or to restore it after another destruction by a PA update. Not sure if anything changes during this process, don't think it does. In any case, this time round the playlist is still there, only curtailed. Maybe there is something in the following: I also USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP). The reason for this, by the way, is the fact that Poweramp had never implemented HiRes for my Pioneer XDP-100R, though I have asked for it 3 years ago. Anyway, this player also has an issue with playlists on my DAP. It does not show them the regular way. I have to go to the root, tap on a list and watch a conversion/parsing process into something that can be read by the software. I cannot add to a playlist. This parsing has to happen every time. I noticed that one playlist has 250 songs in it in UAPP but only 69 in PA. More playlists have this discrepancy. Looking into it further I also noticed that UAPP does show songs from SD card 1 as well as SD card 2 while PA only displays songs from SD card 2 in the PA playlists with this difference in number of songs. Could that be something? Though it does not explain why one particular playlist has lost a series I have done a full rescan after the update. The cards have not left my player for a while.
  14. Playlist entries have disappeared since update 823 and remain so after a full rescan. This makes me sick. So much work goes into making these lists. All for nothing. Only a portion is retrievable from the latest backup. The additions to the playlists were made from within PA. Is there a way to stop updates from destroying my files?
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