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v5.150 android pie (April security) update on Nokia 8 disables musicfx?!


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Before updating everything was working fine, but after that security update, using high res output will result musicfx effects no longer working at all.

At least that is what happens on Bluetooth output. 

Using the opensl es output however let's me use those musicfx features just fine, but it is way too distorted to be any use to me (even in low volume) 


My Poweramp build is the same as it was before the android security update (build 826). 

Is there something on the April pie security update that causes this to happen, or is this something specific to my Nokia 8 model? 


Is there any way to debug this issue? 

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Dvc has been set on before and after the issue appearing, and toggling it on/off does not change the issue. 

On both setting the musicfx does nothing while the high-res output is active. 

However openSL output musicfx works, but i can't get the output sound as good as the high res option. It has distortion when i put bit more bass on the audio, even on the lower levels. 

Now same song in spotify sounds better than lossless copy on Poweramp, and that makes me a sad panda. 

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Update on my problem. 

I noticed that with wired connection, musicfx only works with 44.1kHz mode when I'm using the high res output. 

However that does not work for Bluetooth connection, so this issue is still there. 

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After may security update there are no difference, and the high-res output remains "broken" 

As stated previously i can enable it on both wired and  Bluetooth outputs, but anything higher than 44.1khz on wired does not let me enable musicfx features. 

And on Bluetooth it is completely disabled on that high-res output. However with opensl es and audiotrack output i can still enable musicfx, but compared to the high-res output with musicfx fine tuning and bass boost both of the available options sound considerably worse. 

As i said before only thing that had been changed before this got broken was April security patch for my Nokia 8. 

No new Poweramp version or anything. but I just can't understand how that could break up this feature in Poweramp, as everything else in the phone and Poweramp has been working just fine with both "broken" security updates. 

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