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PLEASE bring back 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 star ratings


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Hi guys!

LONG time user, first time here on the forum. First I want to say that Poweramp is a simply amazing app for those that are serious music lovers. Especially those that want to play their music in something more than a HIGHLY COMPRESSED mp3 (read iTunes) format. I honestly don't care that Poweramp isn't available for iOS, because most people that listen to music downloaded there, well... they don't care about the file format. Just as they don't want a fully functional phone to be able to view, work with, and handle multiple file formats WITHOUT having to connect to a highly proprietary program such as iTunes. 

With android, a NORMAL connection (via Bluetooth, USB, WiFi etc.) to a PC, or even a Mac allows one to drag and drop files, both to the phone itself, as well as to internal memory cards. (Providing you have a Samsung device and of course added memory card.) Always loved my Galaxy's as I could double the memory (or more) from the very beginning. Now however the Note 9 w/512GB, then an added 512GB card gives one unlimited potential! 😊

Speaking of unlimited potential. For those that haven't heard or seen it. Might take a look at archive.org. In addition to historical documents, photos, etc. there are TONS of recorded music files in .flac and .mp3 and historical concerts from the 60's to 90's available for free download. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the new UI. Although the silly LSD taking a bad acid trip effect overlay seems more than a BIT gimmicky! Besides, who stares at their phone when the music is playing? The sheer power of Poweramp, and ability to play songs from multiple file formats, as well as hi-res is what drew me to it in the beginning. Not being one to buy apps (because there is likely a free one that'll do the same thing), I can say that Poweramp is worth many times the cost of admission. So much so that I refer friends and clients to it regularly! 

But I digress. 

Please, please, PLEASE bring back the ability to rate songs with more than a thumbs up / thumbs down.

I currently have over 100 GB on music on my device, (and adding more tonight) and there are PLENTY that are not totally thumbs up, but are far from thumbs down. Almost all of which I had *carefully* rated yet LOST when the new system went into effect. The rating system can also be used as a filter of sorts. For instance, one could rate all their 'live' music as 2 stars. Then using a filter to play only 2 star songs would play 'live' music. Yes, it's also possible to 'tag' songs individually and edit artist, album, year, and keywords, but a simple 5 star rating at least allows one to do a quick, rudimentary rating. 

Many times, with a new album for instance, one might not "thumbs up" every song, but it wouldn't have to be a "thumbs down". It could simply still be a 3 star. Only later to decide that it's a 4 or 5 star. The ability to have 5 choices (plus zero) adds 4 more choices than a simple "👍" or "👎" providing considerable flexibility to the end user in rating their music. ☺️

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Thanks Andre!

Needless to say, I've not taken a deep dive into the inner workings of v3. 😉

I still feel that the product itself..... it's worth 4~5 times the cost! 

FWIW, retired Home Theater design/consulting/sales company owner, and music is indeed part of life. 🙂 

Thanks again, cheers! 🍻

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