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  1. Thanks Andre! Needless to say, I've not taken a deep dive into the inner workings of v3. 😉 I still feel that the product itself..... it's worth 4~5 times the cost! FWIW, retired Home Theater design/consulting/sales company owner, and music is indeed part of life. 🙂 Thanks again, cheers! 🍻
  2. Hi guys! LONG time user, first time here on the forum. First I want to say that Poweramp is a simply amazing app for those that are serious music lovers. Especially those that want to play their music in something more than a HIGHLY COMPRESSED mp3 (read iTunes) format. I honestly don't care that Poweramp isn't available for iOS, because most people that listen to music downloaded there, well... they don't care about the file format. Just as they don't want a fully functional phone to be able to view, work with, and handle multiple file formats WITHOUT having to connect to a highly proprie
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