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1 hour ago, V3Overload said:

Nice detail. 


Since I downgraded I've noticed alot of popping. Not enough to completely ruin playback, but it wasn't there before. 


Anyone else noticing audio distortion, especially popping? 

So far, none of the issues from the upgrade are here since the downgrade (all my playlists imported just fine, music quality is good in headphones and bluetooth, lock-screen works like it should, etc.).  I've been a Poweramp user for years now (I want to say before v1... maybe?) and I've always been aware of bugs and had little complaints, but the end product and the features were always worth it.  If I didn't have the option to downgrade, I don't know that I would have been able to keep relying on the app.  I actually started downloading other apps to try and replace it before googling lead me to this thread. 

I would imagine that in a few updates, the new version will be polished up better (it's possible that a lot of my experience could have been unique to my situation), but downgrading just made me realize how good Poweramp was (especially after trying some other players) so I'm staying with it.

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7 minutes ago, rpcox said:

I have used Poweramp for years.  Loved it.  With the new upgrade, even running in the background, it dropped my battery 5-6% in 30 min.  Just dropped the app and looking for something else.

Try a complete deinstall/reinstall, V3 doesn't use more energy than V2.

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