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  1. So far, none of the issues from the upgrade are here since the downgrade (all my playlists imported just fine, music quality is good in headphones and bluetooth, lock-screen works like it should, etc.). I've been a Poweramp user for years now (I want to say before v1... maybe?) and I've always been aware of bugs and had little complaints, but the end product and the features were always worth it. If I didn't have the option to downgrade, I don't know that I would have been able to keep relying on the app. I actually started downloading other apps to try and replace it before googling lead me to this thread. I would imagine that in a few updates, the new version will be polished up better (it's possible that a lot of my experience could have been unique to my situation), but downgrading just made me realize how good Poweramp was (especially after trying some other players) so I'm staying with it.
  2. Just downgraded. I'm running Android 8.0 on a Galaxy S7. I don't know if it's useful, but aside from the usual "I can''t find anything" issues from the new interface (which to be honest, it looks like there are a ton of nice new features), here are my issues with the new version: 1. A lot of my exported playlists were no longer seen by Poweramp (I exported them with Poweramp V2). This was hit or miss at first. Some were working, and then when I tried to re-scan to see the missing playlists, the working playlists suddenly showed 0 songs in them but somehow 3 of my exported playlists were fine. - This was probably the biggest issue for me as I live/die by my playlists in Poweramp 2. Saving EQ settings no longer appears to have the option of listing all my custom preset settings so I can select and hit save - I have to type in the name of my custom setting and it then populates in a drop-down. I have the option to select all of the associated settings (Bluetooth/etc.), but that's just making things more difficult on the user. I have a ton of saved EQ presets, so this was a much bigger deal than it sounds. - I would sometimes select the preset first and then edit it and try to save and that preset was auto-populated in the "name" field, but again, I noticed that it didn't happen every time. 3. Sound quality was noticeably depreciated. I have a setup in my car that is Bluetooth converter to RCA-output which goes into a two-amp setup (in/out of a RF 250W Single channel Sub Amp and into a RF 4-channel Amp). It took some time (since I'm relying wholly on my Phone to do all the pre-amp / eq / volume), but it sounded pretty good pre-V3 update. I noticed immediately after the update that distortion and even popping noises were really bad. I did the increase buffer on Bluetooth and it didn't help. I went through the Bluetooth and pre-amp settings and tried every combo I could and it still sounded like hot garbage, so this was essentially the last straw for me - had to downgrade. - I tried clearing cache and clearing data and uninstalling / reinstalling V3 to no avail. I get that my phone doesn't have built in Internal DAQ, but the before / after was hard to get past. 4. This one was minor, but the interface seemed to be pretty hit/miss on features working. - The Poweramp lock-screen would just disappear and let the Android lock-screen kick in while I was messing with it. - The EQ would sometimes go into landscape mode when turning the phone sideways and sometimes not (it seemed like if Power Amp was opened in landscape mode, the EQ would rotate into either Landscape/portrait , but if not, it wouldn't rotate into landscape). - Sometimes Poweramp would be unresponsive (or wouldn't allow volume changes / buttons wouldn't do anything) when it first fired up - this was super annoying when it's in the car and the music is blaring and I can't turn it down or pause it.
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