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  1. Nice detail. Since I downgraded I've noticed alot of popping. Not enough to completely ruin playback, but it wasn't there before. Anyone else noticing audio distortion, especially popping?
  2. Export your settings and playlists, Uninstall V3, download and install V2 and disable auto update. Took about 3 minutes to get back to normal. No need to use a different player.
  3. To be honest Andre, while I appreciate the replies, I don't have time to write a novel. I've successfully upgraded to Version 2.
  4. Who said I was trying to use advanced features while driving. The point of this post is that you have deconstructed what was previously a simple and clear layout. I literally spent 40 minutes in the car park the other day trying to figure out how to manage my playlists, which although they still exist, do not behave in the same way now. I have a playlist open and like to see the full list so I can easily touch which item I want. You used to be able to do this without it changing the screen. Pretty unreal that I have to uninstall version 3 and reconfigure everything. People v
  5. As you can see, not happy with V3. For those of us who use Poweramp extensively when driving, i don't want to take my eyes off the road for 3 minutes trying to find a damned menu that used to be there. I have literally got no idea where some of the settings have gone, or how to change or amend them. PLEASE PROVIDE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ON WHERE TO GET V2. THANK YOU - PREVIOUS HAPPY PAYING CUSTOMER
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