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Scaling of non-rectangular album art


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In all versions above build 700, Poweramp seems to crop non-square (as in DVD-formatted) album art in a wrong way (as if cutting off half of the image). All builds prior to that (v2) handle these images properly.

As this is quite difficult to explain, please see the attached images.

Thank you!



This image is what the album art should look like.


This is what is displayed in the player view.


This is what is shown in the albums view.

To me, this is a bug and not a feature due to the fact that there is no conceivable reason why the album art should be cropped this way. It simply is cropped, incorrectly. Missing half of the image.

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Thanks for the reply @maxmp.

I think it looks worse to crop the top and bottom off images than it does to pad the left/right areas of portrait artwork as is done for the top/bottom on landscape artwork.

I suppose if someone adds artwork which is many times taller than wide, it will look like a narrow vertical strip.  But this seems true of artwork which is many times wider than tall too.  I guess I'm not sure why one is allowed and the other not.  Don't they both suffer similarly if the aspect is too far out of proportion?

(As always, thanks for all your effort over the years!  Poweramp is one of the few -- if not only -- non-Google apps I have used since my Nexus One days.  It's wonderful that the only issues I have are so minor.  This is one.  The other wish I have is for non-rounded corners on the artwork -- but I solved that with a custom skin based on the samples.)

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Perhaps you could make this an option Max? I do rather agree with the above poster that if you have sleeve artwork that is derived from a vertical format, copping and zooming it tends to look very bad (often with the title text missing for example, if that is at the top or bottom of the layout). This CD collection set for example just looks silly when cropped to square, as does anything derived from a DVD-size case rather than a CD or album sleeve:



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