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  1. Interesting. To me, the artwork is still cropped, on 820-play.
  2. Sorry, is the issue about the incorrect cropping of non-square album art a priority at all?
  3. I have been spamming the forum about this particular issue for a while. If this is fixed (it was perfect as it was before), I would be very thankful.
  4. Sometimes the pitch of a track is off. Some cassette rips, for instance, can be about half a semitone too high or low in pitch. Sometimes this is evident in official releases, such as in The Rolling Stones' Paint It Black.
  5. Hello, In all versions above build 700, Poweramp seems to crop non-square (as in DVD-formatted) album art in a wrong way (as if cutting off half of the image). All builds prior to that (v2) handle these images properly. As this is quite difficult to explain, please see the attached images. Thank you! //L This image is what the album art should look like. This is what is displayed in the player view. This is what is shown in the albums view. To me, this is a bug and not a feature due to the fact that there is no conceivable reason why the album art should be cropped this way. It simply is cropped, incorrectly. Missing half of the image.
  6. There still is a problem with the resizing of non-square album art. Can you please take a look at it? https://imgur.com/a/S8n54gU The third image is the original photo - the first and second image how it shows up in the app.
  7. The bug with non-square covers being incorrectly cropped seems to still be there. Fix it, please!
  8. @maxmp Non-square covers are still cropped square, even when they shouldn't be. Do you plan on fixing this?
  9. If I, for an example, have a cassette tape cover which is upright, the app seems to crop the cover so that only the lower half of it can be seen. While this problem is not seen in wide cassette covers which are displayed correctly, it is also seen if the original cover is DVD-sized. Would it also, perhaps, be possible to turn off the album art rounding somehow? Many thanks!
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