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[797 RC] Genre Bug


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@maxmp, Thanks for the update. First off, thanks for giving us the ability to have multiple Genre's in our tags! Still seeing an issue in 797 with Genre handling.

I have Genre's like "Pop/Rock", "Folk/Rock", etc. These are created for many albums using products like DBPoweramp used to rip CD's. These Genre's are being split into 2 Genre's - "Pop" and "Rock" and "Folk" and "Rock". A single "/" should not be taken as a delimiter, it should be treated as part of the Genre. I use a semi-colon ";" as my Genre delimiter where I have multiple Genre's in the Genre tag. I think that some people also use a double front slash "//" as a Genre delimiter. A single front slash "/" appears to be being treated as a Genre delimiter which I believe is incorrect.

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