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Hi Guys

I am old school and loved this app because it let me use folders the same way as I do with my computer.

Sorry in advance if this explanation of my frustrations is difficult to understand

I don’t have an option to view folders without album covers and when I change the list settings to the least worst option of- list small-  it changes back every time I move out.

Even more importantly: the Hierarchy option in the folders list seems not to be an option anymore and my files are really difficult to navigate.

Is this a bug or the road the app is going down

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On 8/26/2018 at 7:27 PM, Hydro said:

Go to Library, hit the 3 dots to enter the settings, hit list option, tick Folders Hierarchy, and go back to Library. Now you have "Folders Hierarchy" in the Library.

Thats an improvement thanks hydro. 

Any suggestions on removing the album art in my folders list. 

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