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    Problem with random songs in playlists

    Sorry, I don't read it before your message. I have playlist since 200 to 2000 songs. I have albums, songs (in English, in Spanish and Catalan), discographies ...
  2. AlexBolea

    folder navigation

    Thanks Hydro, This is what i wanted.
  3. AlexBolea

    folder navigation

    Yes, I prefer too a simple folder navigation. For me, this and the problem with the random mode in long playlists has made me go back to AIMP. But Thanks for the OPUS codec. Finally...
  4. AlexBolea

    Problem with random songs in playlists

    Yes I have the same problem. In the very large playlist the random dosen't works fine. Same version :beta-build-793. Play Store My device is a Moto G4 Plus and my version of Android is 7.0