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  1. I just transferred my music to a larger data card. Now Poweramp shows 2 folders for every folder. One with a list if Songs with no artwork and states card unmounted. The other is a properly working folder. How to get rid of the duplucates?
  2. Tried your suggestion, but they still show. Also, I just noticed that several of the files still show in my tag editor as genres but when I check there is no genre added to them anymore. Using star tag editor spp, the only computer I have access to is a public one that will not allow programs to be added. Thanks for your response.
  3. There are several files that show in the genre area. I have removed the genre info from the embedded files, but they still show. How do I stop these files from showing as genre? There is only one genre that I want to show.
  4. Upon further tried, I found it is a hit or miss if they show correctly either from the file change or the embedded. I am going back through my files with a different app & changing anything that does not appear correctly. Thank you Andre for your quick responses.
  5. I think I figured it out. I think the names are embedded and I just changed the file names. I changed the embedded names on a few and rescanned and they showed correctly whereas the others did not. Thanks
  6. A lot of my songs had the artist name in the front. I renamed, external app, by taking out their name and just having the actual song title. Poweramp still shows the original title with not the new name. How can I rescan the songs and get the new tiles to show? Thanks
  7. I got the paid version of the Yap skin, and it does offer a few thing more that I wanted. Thanks
  8. I found a skin that does it pretty well. "Yap" and it's free
  9. Trying out Poweramp before I buy ut. Is there anyway to increase the album image size in the play screen? I found a way, but then the title goes through the middle of it. If I move the title to the bottom of the image, the image returns to normal. Are there minimalistic player controls that do not take up a lot of room that would allow titles to be out of the enlarged image? All the controls take nearly half the screen. Also, how to remove the thumbs up and down from the screen.
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