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Musicfx settings won't open on beta 793 but it still works and can be enabled/disabled


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After that the latest version brought us dark theme, theme wise I'm OK with it until 3rd party skins have been updated for v3. 

However musicfx is not working right at least not for me. 

I can turn it on and off and I can hear the difference so it is still working just fine. But the ui for the musicfx settings does not open up when I long press the button on the settings. 


Luckily it remembered the settings from before and I can tweak the audio settings just fine with Poweramp, but this is a bug that would be nice to get fixed before this would be marked as a stable release. 


Musicfx settings open up fine within spotify, but then it only works for spotify. 


My phone is Nokia 8 128gb TA-1004 with July security updates on top of the 8.1 oreo os. 

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