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Musicfx keeps crashing when I try to open it

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So the actual musicfx feature works, but when I first plug my headphones in I have to go and toggle between enabled and disabled state. Unless despite the fact that the musicfx button is "on" I can hear that it is in fact off. 

Other issue is that what I described in the title. 

So when I go in to the equalizer window and swipe to the right and try to open the musicfx settings, the musicfx thing just crashes. 


I don't believe that the musicfx ui or anything like that is broken in my phone because spotify can open that thing just fine. 

However that doesn't effect the Poweramp portion of the musicfx, luckily I had made all of the necessary settings in the musicfx before the new ui refresh in the v3 beta broke it. 


So just to recap musicfx feature works, but only after I turn it off and on few times and the settings of the musicfx (long press) does not work anymore. However in spotify musicfx still works just fine. 


My phone is Nokia 8 on the 8.1 oreo September security patch and my Poweramp version is rc-build-797-play full version. And if it is any matter my music files are stored on the external SD card. 

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