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Feature Request - Library Reorganization with Delimiter Characters


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Hi Max. I think it's better to separate the artist and genre tags by the delimiter characters ";" and "/". For example 

Artists Tags:Artist 1; Artist 2

Shown as "Artist 1 Artist 2" with the current method but should shown separate. So if you search by Artist 1 to find all the track that he has and not the "Artist 1 Artist 2" tracks. 

The same for the genres. 

I edit all my tracks (over 7000) one by one with all the tags organized with MusicBee Music Player on PC. If you want you can try it to see what I mean with the tags separately recognized. Also is the default separation method for Windows file manager and every major windows music music manager. I own almost every major music player on the android universe and none do this right. For obvious reasons I use Poweramp for years now and I just can't switch it because is the best android music player out there. Now with the new v3 build became the best of the best. Worth every dollar I spent because (actually I buy it twice from play store and from your site to support the development). 

I really hope to take my recommendation as a future library organization method because I think is the best way to organize the tracks without compromises. 

Thank's in regards.



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