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Float32 Sample Format Java Based Output

Jake Heffernon

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I was a little curious about this, but since there was no developer response, I would like to predict based on my knowledge:
Using the Float32 method has the disadvantage of being more complicated (also the computation is more difficult!). In addition, since many digits must be assigned to the floating-point number in the operation, the calculation limit is also smaller than the integer. (If you are an integer type, you do not need 32 bits. It's like setting up a 32-pyeong room for one person only)

But, The advantage of Float32 over integer types is that they also include floating point numbers
This is more accurate because it does not even have an error of 1 or less that an integer type inevitably has.

Nevertheless ,most people will not need to use Float32. This has only minor differences that ordinary people will not notice.

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