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  1. When I saw that using Float32 would disable the DVC-related options, the volume change was well anticipated.
  2. I was a little curious about this, but since there was no developer response, I would like to predict based on my knowledge: Using the Float32 method has the disadvantage of being more complicated (also the computation is more difficult!). In addition, since many digits must be assigned to the floating-point number in the operation, the calculation limit is also smaller than the integer. (If you are an integer type, you do not need 32 bits. It's like setting up a 32-pyeong room for one person only) But, The advantage of Float32 over integer types is that they also include floating point
  3. It would be quicker for Thanos to complete the Infinite Stone and complete the Gauntlet than to build a Power Amp.If it was going to be late like now, it would have been a wise way to announce May or not to talk about time. Everyone is wasting time on the torture of hope.
  4. There is a change between the two options, but it is still difficult to say clearly what is better. I did not have such a good ear
  5. I've tried several things and this seems to be solved when using larger buffer sizes or using audiotrack output. Which is the better alternative?
  6. Oh my god, the problem is getting worse. More frequent and longer breaks occur.
  7. I recently bought an sd card and moved all the music. Sometimes it seems that there is a slight break in music playback. (It is not serious, less than 1 second.) It seems that this problem does not occur in basic music playback application, so it is not a performance problem of sd card.
  8. Oh! The new design is very stylish embraced. Finally, I'm glad I'm going to get rid of some of the only complaints I had with the power amp. The previous design was a little outdated and it was not able to utilize quad dac in my v30
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