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  1. Just trying to see what this all means and if there's something wrong with it. Whatever buffer and extra sleeps means IDK
  2. Would this be possible? I love the casual font and I'd like to set it as my phones default font. Would anyone know how to do this?
  3. I know there are other people posting about this issue but whenever I choose the sample rate to be anything above 192kHz it drastically lowers the volume. This never happened to me before I received the pie update. Is this an issue with my phone or does Poweramp need to come out with an update to fix this issue? So I'm not messing around with all my settings you know lol. Figured I'd ask everybody else. Thanks in advance
  4. As the title says it isn't there. I've tried going thru settings and still isn't there. Not sure what's going on
  5. Not sure what all that means. Could someone help?
  6. What exactly does this new feature do? I'm able to choose the sample rate up to 384khz along with many other options. I haven't noticed the difference really from choosing the highest option. It says actual sample rate is defined by device but whichever one I choose it'll tell me the selected and the actual, which end up being the same for whichever option I choose.
  7. OK. Yeah the only thing I noticed was the volume level between Java and Open SL ES when float32 was enabled.
  8. Whosever settings those were, I'd suggest changing your resampler type under audio to SoX. It's better quality
  9. Well I downloaded it and opened the file through Poweramp and didn't work
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