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Add Favorite Folders item to the Library menu

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Hello.   It would be great to have Favorite Folders item in the Library menu in additon to existing Folders and Folders(Hierarchy) items.

Favorite Folders screen should have "+" button to start the folder browser to select folder(s) to add to the favorite folders list.  To remove folder from favorite list user should select Delete from long press menu similar to deletion of Playlist item.  

It would be nice to be able to add a folder to Favorite Folders from the existing folder browser - via "Add to Fav.Folders" option in the long press menu on folder name.

Thanks you.

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@andrewilley Thank you. May be it makes sense to have some voting counter for each of suggestions - hopefully it may help to prioritize new features development?

I was going to add another suggestion about adding "Recently Played" or "Playing History" item to the Library menu. And maybe "Recently Played Folders" item too. Didn't find such a feature request in that list either.  It will be a very useful feature in addition to the existing Most Played item. Now after playing the last file in the folder Player switches to some new folder, I guess the 1st one in the Folders list and there is no way to return back for ex via Back button - I have to browse folder hierarchy again to find recently played folder. 

Please advise should I add such a suggestion or it was submitted already before. Thanks.

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There are several Categories that are not shown by default (to avoid cluttering up the list) which you can enable in the Libray's List Options menu. That includes Recently Played.


You won't be able to see "recently played folders" though, as Poweramp doesn't play folders per se, it only plays individual songs (which may be contained inside folders of course, but along with lots of other songs too).


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