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  1. I also thought I was just missing where the setting to overwrite our own saved eq settings was. Please Maxx return this feature to V3.
  2. I do not think Andre and anybody else within Poweramp understands that when Android auto is enabled on any vehicle in the world it takes over as primary music player because Google Play Music is the only music app to play on device, music therefore you don't get to use the EQ, playlist, thumbs up or thumbs down or be able to scan within songs that we all love on Poweramp ever since its Inception. Android auto integration would fix all of this for all newer car owners in the world (2015+) that own our beloved Poweramp. I also would pay for an add-on that would enable Android auto.
  3. Firstly thank you Max for your continuing efforts on my #1 favorite Music app. I know there is a fair amount of work ahead Sir, and I only have one request to maybe add to that work. This request I posted too late at the end of V2 development and now with V3 I hope my thoughts can be added somehow. Could Poweramp somehow have a setting that allows it to save the position of each track if you want, so that if you have a podcast or something long you are listening to and you switch to a different song you can go back to that same place in each track. With my #1 video app, MX Player Pro I ha
  4. I have always liked Poweramp V2, and beta test v3 but my only gripe has been track position. Example I have several hundred videos on my device and via MX player pro it remembers every video and the position (time within each video), so that if I change to another video and then even 1 month later go back to that video it remembers right down the the second where I was ( if I choose resume). When I got my current device even when I had only 5 songs on my phone and switched songs and then went back just one song guess what...song starts again from beginning. I download podcasts and when the
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