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  1. The thing is that I'm only getting this problem in Poweramp. As I mentioned in my post, other music players are having no problem reading the music on my SD card, only Poweramp after this last update. And the other reason I know it's not my SD card is that one of my music folders was not on the SD card, but on the smartphone's storage, and I received the same error message when trying to read music from it. My other music app is 'Player Pro', so right now, I'm using it because I'm not having this issue with Player Pro. I really like Poweramp, but right now, with the problems caused by recent updates, I have to say that I'm not too happy with it.
  2. After the latest update (Build 828), after a while, when trying to play my music in folders, I get an error: 'Failed to play - storage unmounted'. At first I thought my SD card had gone bad, until I went to play my music using another app I have, and my music played just fine. I've done a re-scan, shut my device off (Motorola Moto G5+), even removed and re-installed the SD card, all to no avail. Then I realized I was having the same problem on another device, but only in Poweramp with the same update. Does anyone know what's going on with this?
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