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Bluetooth starts playing audio everytime

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Hi Folks:

Whenever I start my vehicle, and the BT connects to my phone, Poweramp fires up and starts playing, even if Bluetooth is not selected and I'm listening to the radio. This would not be desired behaviour cause it's a) using battery power and b - making me miss good songs in the rotation. Also it throws notifications on my Android watch about all the songs I'm not listening to.

I would like to be able to only have the app play when I press play. "resume on bluetooth" is not selected, nor is "resume on wired headset".

Version  build 588 (full version)

Android 6, May 2016 updates installed.

Nexus 6p

Any suggestions?

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The problem (from what I've been able to determine) is that some Bluetooth devices issue a Play command once they see a connected device and are ready to commence playing (rather like CDs auto-playing when you insert one into the drive). The latest alpha-test releases now build in a slight delay before accepting any incoming commands, but if you make that delay too long you run the risk of not performing some actions that the user actually wants. Give it a try anyway and see if it helps at all.


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