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Offline tidal integration / USB driver

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With the new builds ability to output to a USB DAC. It would be really cool to be able to play local and offline Tidal music from within PA and then send the digital output to the DAC. "Roon" does this very well for desktop, but I suspect the Tidal music is streamed as the offline files are probably encrypted, so may not be possible. Perhaps you could release another App which is just the USB DAC driver, I know lot's of audiophile users on Android that are forced to use Usb Audio Pro Player as one of the only stable ways of outputting to USB DAC. Whilst streaming is OK for Spotify, Google Music etc at lower bit rates, Hi-Fi Tidal is not really practical being 16/44 FLAC - so a stable USB > DAC driver would make all music apps accessible, this could be sold as an add on to PA. Just some ideas... Just downloaded the latest Alpha Build and will see how it goes with my Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC and Galaxy S6! 

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