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  1. Ok BBS didn't seem to work for me so I used ATK Battery Status, screenshots above
  2. Ok thanks I'll see what I can do. Is there any app in particular that's best for recording battery usage or should I just use the stock system one?
  3. I guess I'm jus gonna have to hope it fixes itself?
  4. It's strange because even when it's overheating, lagging and the battery drain is happening the device care shows everything as normal. It just got really hot again before after playing some music for 2 minutes and when I closed Poweramp it had cooled back down after 5 minutes. Really weird and I'm not sure what to do.
  5. Yeah I've done this, I wiped the cache and data before the last uninstall, reinstalled it yesterday and my phone still heats up after about 1 minute, heat seems to mainly come from the top area of the device around the volume buttons (don't know if that info might help lol) so not sure how to fix this one. I've even wiped the cache partition hoping that might somehow sort it but unfortunately not.
  6. Version: v3-build-874-arm64-play [874004-517ac8a1] Full Version 64 bit Device: Samsung S10 Plus G975F Android version: 10 No custom rom I'm not sure when the last Poweramp update was but this all started happening about a month ago and it's only now after uninstalling/reinstalling things I've figured out it seems the issue is Poweramp. So usually I bluetooth connect my phone to my hifi or Galaxy Buds, and this past month I've had nothing but issues. Constant overheating, terrible battery life (2 to 3 hours on screen time) and lag making the phone almost unusable. Initially I did think it was the latest android update, but after the issues persisted I went about uninstalling different apps to see if there was any difference. After uninstalling Poweramp a few days ago the lag, overheating and battery issues have disappeared. So logically I'm thinking it must be this app. It also happens when I play music straight from my phone so I don't think it's exclusively a bluetooth problem. Any help would be appreciated because it's still easily the best music player out there and I really don't want to switch to a new one. Thanks Edit: there are other issues with the app too in this one month time frame I forgot to mention; new music added doesn't seem to appear in the recently added section and tracks that were previously in my library no longer show up until I open them via file manager, and when they do play through Poweramp I can only see the "info/tags" & "lyrics" options. Album art, artist, album, genre etc all disappear.
  7. Yeah I don't currently have a PC though and tbh it's such a small thing I don't know why they took it out in the first place, was great being able to sort everything in one place.
  8. It would be nice if you could change whole album info at once, for instance I had an album with the wrong year on it and there were 26 tracks so to change it you'd have to do each track individually. I remember you could do whole albums at a time on the old version so not sure why it's no longer available, unless it's there somewhere and I'm missing it? Thanks.
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