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I just spent several weeks creating Poweramp playlists on my Android phone. Then I moved the music from one folder to another and now the playlists are all gone :(

Is there a simple fix for this?

Please advise as soon as possible

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Unless you exported them as m3u playlists it is most likely that you have lost your playlists. When you move your music to another location, pa rescanning will rebuild its media database by removing the (now missing) tracks and adding the "new" tracks reissuing new track ids. The pa playlist holds these trackids to find your tracks and because it removed the old (moved) tracks, your playlists are no longer valid. Always back up your playlists by exporting from pa. Alternatively you could use a dedicated playlist manager tool ( link in my signature)


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Unfortunately, TheoKlink is right. A playlist is nothing more than a list pointing to the locations of a series of music files. If those files are no longer present during Poweramp's next scan (and of course it has no way to know you have actually moved those specific files to a new/renamed folder, rather than physically deleting them) then those songs will be removed from Poweramp's Library and thus also from any playlists they may appear in.

I wish I could be of more help, but unless you've got a backup (either of the app database, or exported file-based copies of the playlists) then there is no quick fix. If you do have a backup, you just need to use a text editor to search & replace the contents with the new folder names.


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