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Issues with Hi-Res Output


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My device specs:
Device: OnePlus 2
ROM: Ressurection Remix 20160426

Hi-res output works fine for some time but after some time the phone's audio output gets stopped.
Steps to recreate this:
Queue up some songs in the playlist
Play the song with Hi-Res ON
browse some stuff or chat for the song's complete duration
the phone's audio output will be stopped after few seconds of next song's period (sometimes, stops in between)
The song won't be paused. but it will have no effect of pausing/resuming
As the audio gets stopped while using the phone it is sure that Doze is not doing that.
There' something else. "Wakelock on" won't do any wonders too.

Two ways to get the audio back:
1. Unplug the earphones. Insert earphones back. Play/Pause the song.
2. It will start back once another app gives any kind of notification with a sound.

Plus I cannot adjust volume when the screen is off.

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