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"ALBUMARTIST" ID3 tag support


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I love the new Poweramp 3, but I still miss the ability to read the ID3tag "ALBUMARTIST". Poweramp can read only tag "ARTIST" so every album which has songs with featurings and both of these tags, are separeted into more albums in library. I have about 50 artists on my phone, but in "Artist" section Poweramp sorts them in 509, that's crazy.

Sample: http://i.snag.gy/NFrtv.jpg

I thought maybe the section "Albums by artist" would sort it the right way, but it still uses the "ARTIST" ID3tag and sorts it in whole other way, but still badly, it can't handle both tags in songs.

Sample: http://i.snag.gy/R4b2a.jpg

This is how the stock Google Play Music player sorts the same music collection:


In library, it sorts every album by "ALBUMARTIST" ID3tag properly and when you open the album/song, it shows the ARTIST tag which may incude featurings:


That's how it should be done and I'm surprised that Poweramp can't do it.

Next bug related to this ID3 tag problem I found has the same problem - when there are more albums with same name but different artists (like "Greatest Hits"), they are all in one album. So for example in my Poweamp library I have one "Greatest Hits" album all with Guns 'N' Roses, Queen and Will Smith songs.

One more thing - when you get a system notification, Poweramp pauses the song and then resumes it. Why not just fade the audio and play it in background like the stock player does it?

Thanks in advance and I hope you will find my suggestions useful, love your app

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