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Play position reset during bluetooth status change

Tristan Young

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Currently testing Poweramp via bluetooth (eg: in-car).


Poweramp loses/resets play position when the bluetooth audio device connects and disconnects.


98% of the music I listen to is in long mixes (trance, techno, house, etc. 1 to 2 hrs long).


Testing version:  Alpha build 700
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android: 5.1.1

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I've just tested Bluetooth disconnections, and I can confirm that I see the same issue with two different BT devices (my Renault car stereo and a Logitech Bluetooth receiver on my hi-fi system). It seems 100% repeatable.

Using build 700 on a Galaxy Note 3 (4.4.2) Poweramp connects and plays fine, but when the Bluetooth connection is lost (e.g. when you shut down the receiving device) PA initially switches into pause mode just as it should do, with the current playback time position flashing, but about a second later the saved playback position vanishes and it reverts back to the start of the track. This also happens if I manually pause playback before I turn off the BT device.

Also, when this happens the next-list/prev-list icons are disabled (grey) on the Player UI for some reason (even though Shuffle is Off and Repeat is set to Advance List) and the 0:00 indicator is static rather its normal blinking state when in pause:


Once I restart playback, the prev-list/next-list icons reappear normally.

Let me know if any particular logs would help diagnose this issue.


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The trick for me is pause PA via the full app. Not via car controls, not via notification bar on my phone, but going to the full app and pausing. Then I can exit my vehicle, come back and resume from my previous spot. 

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