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Automatic playlist generator


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Hello. Poweramp is my favorite music player for Android. However, it would be great to see one more function...

I call it automatic playlist generator with defined folder ratio :)

I have all my music divided between few folders according to type of the music. The tool would allow to generate random playlist with songs from specified folders with example pattern like this: 4 songs from folder 1, followed by 2 songs from folder 2, followed by 1 song from folder 3, and all over again :) Its just an example. Moreover, in distinct folders songs would be picked randomly and duplicates would be avoided ;)

This functionality fits perfect in some parties with friends...we could make a playlist according to their music preferences without slow and monotonous picking song by song and switching between folders. Makes it easy, quick and user friendly :D



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How would you propose to apply the selection pattern? Why not work off the mp3 tags such as genre or better still use a tool such as New Playlist Manager where you can build your own selection criteria, including numerous sorting options.

I am not sure how applying a selection pattern would ensure that your friend's preferences would be selected?

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Ok, this is a common situation, lets say we are a dancers (in fact i am) and we play music during dance parties. 

We have three different folders on the portable device, lets say cha-cha, salsa, bachata.

People in the ballroom (other dancers) dance mostly salsa, 50% of them dance bachata, and only 10% of them dances cha-cha.

So the music set is said to consist of 4 salsa songs followed by 2 bachatas and then by 1 cha-cha for others :)

Then i choose salsa folder->add to playlist with factor 4

Next bachata folder->add to playlist with factor 2

And last cha-cha folder->add to playlist with factor 1

As a result i have unique random set of songs in the order like this: 4,2,1,4,2,1,4,2,1,4,2,1 ..and so on :) 

The condition to terminate the set would be total playlist time (also a parameter), for example 4 hours.


Currently i have to pick each song manually and swap between folders which takes a lot of time :)

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Ok, this is a common situation...

I don't think so, no, it's a rather uncommon situation in fact. You'd need to use some sort of external (custom-written) app to generate that sort of very specialised style of playlist.

The only thing I could suggest would be to duplicate the songs in each folder (copy a folder twice, three times over, etc) so that random playback would give proportionally more chance of hitting a given song more often (of course one song could play twice in a session though).


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