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How to SORT songs


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Using All Songs mode you only have one sort level, so you need to choose one or the other (although Track # in an all-songs list doesn't make much sense to me). Also sorting by Artist and then Track # doesn't really seem logical either (Track # is a subset of an album, not an artist).
I'd suggest sorting by Albums (or Albums by Artists) as your first sort level, then Track #. Or even better, make sure your music is in artist folders with album subfolders and use Folders mode for even more manual control.
A while back I wrote a suggestion for a more flexible and customisable sorting/display feature for Poweramp (see http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6883-some-thoughts-on-library-list-sorting-and-tags/ ) but as not a single person even commented on the thread I doubt Max will give it very high priority.

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Alternatively, use New Playlist Manager (http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/npm/

to create playlists in any order you want by using its query builder. You simply select the mp3 tags you want, set criteria and sort by mp3 tags in any order. As Andre points out, some queries may not make sense but at least the app gives you the flexibility. So as an example, all artists who's name contains an "a" and year = 2011 OR year = 2013 AND trackno = 2, sort by artist, album.

Export the playlist to m3u which can be read with Poweramp. I have also recently added the  "Album Artist" tag, much requested by forum members.

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