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export playlist (not only metadata)

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is there a way to export the playlists i made with Poweramp, so i can copy them on my pc and still use them?

I don't want to just make a metadata-copy to have a backup, which i can import later just in Poweramp. I want to export a folder with the songs themselfes inside.


i hope someone can help me (or even understand what i want)



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Poweramp has the functionality to export its own playlists in m3u8 format which is effectively just a text file with all the necessary track details in terms of their location.

You can find it by selecting Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp Playlists. These playlists can be copied to your pc but there are some perequisites. The main one being that the location of your music has the same path name(s) as on your android. On a pc you will be dealing with C:\ or similar drive which do not exist on android. Working with relative pathname is therefore the best option as this does not hold the explicit drive letter. (unless you want to edit and replace part of the path in your m3u files)


Have a read of this thread as it will explain how it works.



Your second requirement, exporting songs in folders may well be achieveable with Poweramp, I have never tried as I use a dedicated tool to manage playlists New Playlist Manager by theoklink  http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/npm/ 

which does have the ability to generate playlists of whole folder structures and all tracks within a folder tree. Again exporting them as a m3u file makes them interchangeable.

Its m3u export settings has options to select relative path and windows format.

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