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Left right balance with bluetooth


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I bought this app for the sole purpose of throwing the balance to the left side of my hearing aids so that I can hear people from the right ear. I've gone to the settings and put the balance all the way to the left yet the sound still comes out both ears. Does it not control the sound throughout the entire phone? one for files playing through Poweramp? I have a radio streaming app that I'm using (Tune-in) 


I'm giving this 24 hours before I ask for a refund. Balance should be a basic function of an Android operating system so paying $4 for that feature didn't make me very happy...

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cheg, just tested this and found no issues whatsoever. Just to reiterate, Equaliser > Tone/Vol, Balance knob. Works as expected 

Doesn't work here... only the volume knob 


Also, if I could only stop audiobooks from starting automatically when I start Poweramp!

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Have you got the tone controls activated? You can enable/disable the Equaliser, Tone knobs, and Limiter independently of each other (tap each label to turn them on/off).


Yes, they were on. The balance works when I have earbuds connected but not with bluetooth

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Some things to try to isolate the culprit

- did you try other players? do they behave as expected or do they have the same issue?. If they also play through both channels with the balance left then the problem lies with your device or headphones.

- did you try different headphones?

- do you have an alternative device where you could try Poweramp

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I'm having this exact same issue.
There is right audio, but its very faint. Its only on bluetooth, headset is fine and its only on the Poweramp app.
It does it on my home speaker and in the car.
On Google player everything is OK.

I have reset all settings, I have uninstalled and re-installed, and its the same.

It wasn't always this way. It had been working fine for years and one day just started behaving like this.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



EDIT: I found the LR dial was off in my settings. I dont remember changing it. It was probably done by accident.

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Reviving an old thread (but an important thread, since it came up as the first result in a google search 😉).  Turns out I had a big glob of earwax on my left earbud, so of course that was why that side was not very loud. And no, you're not dumb - you're smart for coming to the Poweramp forums!

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