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Reorder songs in the queue


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The new Queue is great, that is exactly what I needed! One thing that remains: I need also the ability to reorder the songs in the queue. Like in PlayerPro or WinAmp: if you drag a song (touch it at its leftmost area), you can release it somewhere else in the list.

That would be a great addition that makes Poweramp complete - for me at least :)



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Has this been implemented?

I am missing a very basic feature: When I click "shuffle", I'd like to see the list of songs that will be played. And I'd like to reorder that list.

I am also looking for another feature: When I search for a song, I'd like to be able to select it and tell Poweramp to ply that song as next song (so when the song currently playing is finished).

But at the moment I can't even see the queue.

I am new to Poweramp, so this might be a stupid question. Sorry if so.



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4 minutes ago, ralfiii said:

Has this been implemented?

That feature was added years ago - i.e. the ability to move songs up and down in the Queue, and also in Playlists. Just long-press on any Queue or Playlist song, and then drag songs up or down using the slider thumbs that appear on the right.

This is a 2011 thread by the way. For any other new feature requests, please could you start a new thread? Thanks.


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