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  1. Thanks a lot!!!! The playlists by MusicBee for m3u and m3u8 are binary identically. Both contain UTF8 without BOM. Maybe therefore I didn't test m3u8 files properly. However, I did now and Poweramp reads them correctly. 1000 thanks, just in time, on saturday we celebrate our wedding.... Cheers, Ralf
  2. But, maybe a good solution: Poweramp sould assume UTF8 format for M3U8 files - even if the BOM is missing. This way Poweramp can continue to read M3U files w/o BOM as Ansi. Cheers, Ralf
  3. You are right. MusicBee always exports in UTF-8 (unless you select M3U(ascii)), but fails to add BOM. And, TeutonJon78, from what I know there is no "standard" file format for m3u. Afaik it's originally by Fraunhofer there never was a specification, the file format just evolved driven by VLC and winamp. That's always the problem with weak defined de-facto standards. However, WinAmp can handle m3u in UTF8 as long as there's a BOM. BOM is NEVER a bad idea, but as MusicBee exports all UTF8 without BOM, Poweramp always fails upon importing. Also with M3U8.
  4. Ok, attached there's a playlist in "normal" (bad) format, and one where BOM was added. Cheers, Ralf UmlautsBug.7z
  5. That's unfortunately no option. I prepare playlists for parties on my PC with the best possible environment (big screen, keyboard), and when everything is done I'd like to transfer everything to the tablet/mobile phone. For the moment I wrote a little app that scans all m3u files and if the UFT8 prefix is missing, it adds it.
  6. Ok, I understand, It's not Poweramp but a separate app. That doesn't help me. I'd like to have an option in Poweramp so that it understands playlists that don't have a BOM.
  7. Really? Cool! Where can I find that option? I can't find it...
  8. Ok, there exporting has deliberately been changed to "without BOM". See https://getmusicbee.com/forum/index.php?topic=17948.0 referring to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2223882/whats-the-difference-between-utf-8-and-utf-8-without-bom I agree with you and would expect BOM because it's smart to define encoding, but as we don't live in an ideal world, could you make that an option? Thanks a lot in advance!
  9. "Import" might be a misleading expression. I copy my mp3 files and the M3U files on a SD card and plug the card into the android device. Poweramp then reads the card the builds it's database. That's what I meant with "import". However, I wanted to create a "real" playlist with a few songs to demonstrate for you and doing that I think I found the problem: For creating playlists I use MusicBee and when exporting playlists, MusicBee writes the files UTF-8 excoded and not - as Poweramp seems to expect - as UTF-8-BOM. I'll get in contact with the MusicBee guys, maybe they can ad
  10. Uups, sorry, mistyped, not 32 but 64bit. The version info says: v3-build-841-arm64-play [841004-6c22e356] Full version 64bit I've got this version from Google Play store. If I need a different version: Where do I get it? Cheers
  11. Hello! I tested with current release: Poweramp V3 build 841-arm32-play Device: Samsung Galaxy S8 Android V9 standard ROM When importing playlists that contain songs with umlauts in the file name, these entries are deleted from the playlist. It seems Poweramp generally has problems with files with umlauts. You can add an "umlaut" song later manually, but when you then try to move it to a different location in the playlist, the playlist is not updated (where all other actions cause the playlist to be updated). The added item remains in the last place.
  12. Hello! I big number of CDs in my library have the album artwork not embedded in all songs of an album but only in the first song. When I now play random songs (shuffle), most songs will not display an album artwork - which looks lousy. Is there an option so Poweramp checks - if a song has no assigned album artwork -> if at least one song in the same album (=folder) has an album artwork -> display this artwork then. Cheers, Ralf
  13. I am missing a very basic feature: When I click "shuffle" (eg "Shuffle all", over all my songs), I'd like to see the list of songs that will be played next. And In that list I'd like to be able to remove songs or change the order of songs (move up/down entries). But at the moment I can't even see the list of upcoming songs (I don't know if this is what you call the "queue"). I am new to Poweramp, so this might be a stupid question. Sorry if so.
  14. Has this been implemented? I am missing a very basic feature: When I click "shuffle", I'd like to see the list of songs that will be played. And I'd like to reorder that list. I am also looking for another feature: When I search for a song, I'd like to be able to select it and tell Poweramp to ply that song as next song (so when the song currently playing is finished). But at the moment I can't even see the queue. I am new to Poweramp, so this might be a stupid question. Sorry if so. Ralf
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