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Volume lowering upon song change

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Apologies if this has been asked before but I checked pretty far back and saw no similar topics.


I got a Galaxy S3 last month and installed Poweramp onto it. Previously I used Poweramp on a Galaxy Player 4.0 with no issues. For a couple of weeks I had no issue with the S3 either but now it seems like occasionally when switching to a new song either automatically or manually the volume will lower significantly. It's specific to Poweramp because other music players and other sounds from the device retain their normal volume.


Poweramp will go back to normal volume after closing the process and waiting a few seconds.


There are a few tracks that seem to almost always make this event occur, so it's not entirely random. They're a series of podcasts with a much lower frequency and bitrate. That said the issue is not specific to those tracks and it can happen randomly for other tracks as well.


Anyone have any idea?



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