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Album Art changes when other songs image is changed

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Hi, I'm having a issue with the album art. All music has the aalbum name "Dale's Mixz".

When I change the image it also changes the image of most other songs to the new one just applied to current track in the same " folder ", it's weaid because some don't change and some do. I'm baffled, this had never happed before in the two years I have been using it. It's not a issue when it's " Unknown Album" or"UnkUnknown Artist".

Android JB on a Vodafone 875 Smart Mini.

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There is no per-song assignment of images, unless such song considered as Single (no album tag) and it's accessed from outside Folders.

The logic is following (for manual image assignment):

- there is an album tag? Image applied to that whole Album, otherwise just to Single track.

- the track is loaded from Folders list? Image also applied to that Folder.



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I have a solution...

You should make a small change into album title (ex. Dale's Mixz -> Dale's Mixz.)

and put individual album arts into tracks so every track will have its own album art. (This progression have to be done by Computer, not Poweramp itself)

And put one album art file that stands for your album and that you want to display on Album category thumbnail into folder where your music is (file name must be "Cover.jpg")

and everything would be perfect, i guess

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